Access statement

The property is situated just off Steep Hill in Lincoln which is a cobbled, sloped lane.  There is a stone step before the front door of approximately 15 cm depth.  The front door is coded access, and the code is given to guests upon full booking.  The doorway is approximately 70 cm in width, as are most of the doors in the house.  The ground floor is open plan though the access to the lounge is a gap where the original lounge door used to be, again approximately 70 cm in width.  An archway again of the same width leads in to the kitchen though there are two stone steps of approximately 15cm depth each.  The kitchen itself is spacious with access to the outside area which again has a stone step of approximately 15 cm depth.  The back door is approximately 70 cm in width also.  The solid wood staircase is approximately 90 cm in width, in fitting with the entrance ways throughout the property.  There are 14 steps leading to the upstairs (14 cm x 15 cm).

The first bedroom has a step leading up to it approximately 15 cm in depth and the doorways to both bedrooms span approximately 70 cm again.  The bathroom comprises a wet-room so there is no stepping into a shower.  The Whirlpool bath however has a step in height of 65 cm approximately.